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  • ΒioNet West Hellas is the biggest and most powerful group of organic producers in Greece..
  • We occupy more than 12 years in organic farming and our main concern is to achieve this awareness towards nature as we avoid using chemicals, hormones or antibiotics.
  • Instead, environmentally friendly methods have been, introduced in order to retain the ecosystem..
  • More than 200 of the organic farmers are members of ΒΙΟ NET WEST HELLAS.
Product Safety

 Organic Agriculture is received as a overall system of agricultural production (plant and animal products) aiming mainly at the production of products of high biological value without utilisation agrochemical, hormones and antibiotics aiming at the re-establishment and maintenance of biological balances in the frames of exploitations. 

Their main concern is the health and the resistibility of plants and animals, as well as the achievement of closed circuit of production with the utilisation of as much as possible smaller volume of surges. 

Organic cultivation in combination with organic stock farming of animals in ecological (organically) ranches is based to  the models of organic culture and organic stock farming of animals that has been determined by Bionetwork of Western Greece and which are conform with the norms of  IFOAM  and  Regulations (EEC) 2092/91  and  (EEC) 1804/99.
-    EU Organic Standards (www.organic-europe.net/europe_eu/default.asp#2092)
-    AGROCERT (www.agrocert.gr)
-    ΒΙΟ-Hellas (www.bio-hellas.gr)
-    IFOAM (www.ifoam.org)

Organic Cultivation of Land
Under the supervision and based to the direct experiences and ecological senses of Bionetwork ‘s Geotechnical, but also with their rich experience as well as the local delivery, in harmony with their experience, organic farmers give solutions in the daily problems that face the cultivation of land 
Concerning the fertilization, the ground is faced as a live organism (and no as a deposit of nutritious elements) and is sought to be achieved a dynamic balance between the organic and the non organic phase (fertility). For this aim is used the incorporation of Organic substance with the combination of compost, manure and green fertilizations depending on the species and the needs of plants.

The confrontation of enemies and illnesses that appear to the cultivations besed to  the existing knowledge concerning the biological relations between the damaging and beneficial organisms and with careful interventions for the regulation of their populations, aiming at the reduction of damaging organisms  in level that would not create serious problems in the agricultural exploitation. 

Organic Breeding of animals
Organically (ecological) stock farming of animals constitutes integral part of ecological ranches. It contributes in the completion of circles of nutritious elements, with the transformation of organic substance in other  forms, contributes thus in the improvement of soil.

The organic livestock-farming is system of stock farming which:

  •     is supported in the natural existence of animals
  •     primarily uses forages that have been produced with biological way
  •     limits in minimal possible the use of synthetic - allopathic medicines
  •     is opposite to the genetic modification
  •     protects the environment 
  •     is distinguished for the  quality  and the hygiene of products that it produces.

Western Greece is characterized by its rich vegetation, which covers the big in extent pasture lands. In this pasture lands are ensured all the conditions of organic livestock-farming as the natural existence of animals, their health and their diet with organic forages.