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Olive oil


Nowadays, 100 million olive threes cover the Greek land. Several million of them stand up proudly in Aitoloakarnania. The olive tree is closely connected with this area, its people, culture and history.

For thousands of years, the Mediterranean basin has been a birthplace of peoples and civilizations with their own religious and views. Different parts of the Mediterranean have different eating habits which can only be described as variation on the same theme, the MEDITERRANEAN DIET, whose main ingredient is OLIVE OIL.

Extra pure olive-oil is called the juice of the fruit of olive trees and it is extracted from olives by crushing and not with the use of chemical solvents (by contrast with all the other kinds of oil).    
Nutritional Value of Olive Oil
Extra pure olive oil reduces the levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol without reducing the levels of HDL (good) cholesterol and provides protection against coronary disease. Thanks to the high concentration of polycarbolic acids, it also contributes to the prevention of heart diseases.

Produces a positive effect on every chronic disease, including diabetes, its ingredients act as scavengers for free radicals and block cancerogenesis. Also contains substances, which slow down aging.

Olive oil is important for its strong and beneficial influence on the body. Moreover, it is related to the consumption of great quantities of vegetables and pulses to which it gives an extremely nice taste whereas the combination of these kinds of food and olive - oil can provide protection against a wide spectrum of chronic diseases.

Of particular importance is the fact that the World Health Organization (WHO) has adopted the pyramid of Mediterranean diet, which was elaborated by the school of Public Health of the University of Harvard in co operation with the National School of Public Health of Greece and other institutions and is recommended as a healthy diet model.

In this pyramid, olive oil is introduced as the main added lipid.    
Organic culture of olive
Organic culture of olive ensures the high quality of its products for the following reasons:
•    Becomes without the use agrochemical
•    Elision is realised in low temperatures
•    Chemical are absent from the process of transformation.
At the farming technique of olive in organic agriculture is given particular attention in the following steps:
•    soft forms are applied to plant health protection, as the suspension traps for diseases affecting olive trees and the right lopping
•    becomes fertilization via cultivation with other land's protector species as tares, the midjki' etc or with use of manure.

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