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Estate Brintzikis




The land of West Peloponnese, centered around splendid Ancient Olympia, has been a

wine-producing area for millennia. It is a blessed area for vineyards, as the clay soils combined with the river mist form a perfect micro-climate.

The indigenous varieties flourishing here are: Roditis, Tinaktorogos, Malagouzia, Fileri, Asyrtiko (all white ones), Avgoustiatis and Agiorgitiko (red ones).

There are also the cosmopolitan varieties Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet, Refosco which give wines with intense terroir characteristics.

Brintzikis Estate cultivates 120 acres of vineyards of Greek local varieties, applying the principles of organic farming with love and care for years. The farm also brings in grapes from other excellent producers of the area.

 image019 In Brintzikis Estate there is a boutique winery  which utilizes state-of the-art mechanical equipment to produce wine of superior quality. The stainless tanks which are monitored automatically for temperature and process of information throughout the year, the modern pneumatic presses, the oak French barrels and the use of gravity to transport must and wine, respect and highlight the special features of the indigenous varieties grown in our region since early time.
We must stress the utilization of geothermal energy covering the needs for refrigeration and heating of the tanks and the premises of the winery. The 100kw yield photovoltaic panels on the roof provide the required power of the winery, further highlighting its ecologic and environment friendly operation.

The main wines produced in the farm winery are:
The namesake river bordering the estate and winery named “ENIPEAS”. River God in the mythology.
Varietal composition Roditis 90%, 10% Assyrtiko.
2.Estate BRINTZIKI-bio
A particular wine variety Avgoustiatis. The selection criteria are strict and must have as its objective the promotion of the best local variety in the perfect microclimate of the area of the estate. Through September the grapes from vineyard mill efficiency by 650 k/acre.
Aged about a year in small French oak barrels.
Varietal composition Variety Avgoustiatis 100%.


A creation of the Estate Brintziki to highlight the foreign variety in this particular climate and semi-mountainous territory of Ilia. Return 750 k/acre. Classic white wine rather than aging in barrel, aiming to highlight the authenticity of the variety.     Vintage 2009


Varietal Composition Chardonnay 100%

image020Dionysis Brintzikis in his winery, tasting wines with friends, importers and wholesalers of organic produce from Germany

The winery applies quality control standards in accordance with ISO 22000 and is certified for their application.

The winery is checked and certified for the production of organic wines by the certificarion body  BIOHELLAS (GR-BIO-01) and its certification number is: A-390112

BRINTZIKIS ESTATE LANTZOI ILIA, 27064 GREECE                                                                                                             

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