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  • ΒioNet West Hellas is the biggest and most powerful group of organic producers in Greece..
  • We occupy more than 12 years in organic farming and our main concern is to achieve this awareness towards nature as we avoid using chemicals, hormones or antibiotics.
  • Instead, environmentally friendly methods have been, introduced in order to retain the ecosystem..
  • More than 200 of the organic farmers are members of ΒΙΟ NET WEST HELLAS.
Organic farmers of West Greece Coop

image001    The Coop consists of 29 farmers of organic fruit and vegetables. It was the first Coop in Greece to be certified as Group of Producers of Organic Fruit and Vegetables according to KAN (EU) 2200/96.

   It built in 2007 and has been operating since then a modern packaging unit of organic fruit, 2000sq.m. , in Gastouni  Ilia , while today it is in the stage of building two more packaging units for selecting , standardizing and packaging various fruit and vegetables, in Achaia and Etoloacarnania.


image002   image003

Packaging machines in the Coop unit


This unit is equipped with cutting-edge machinery for processing, standardizing and packaging fruit. Most of its electricity  needs  are covered by 100kw yield photovoltaic panels on the roof of the unit.


Selection and standardization of organic oranges


 image005 In this modern unit more than 4,000,000 kg of organic fruit and vegetables are processed, standardized and sold under a label to the European markets. They are mostly Citrus, as the Coop is the major agent for producing and marketing Organic Citrus, but also  Kiwis,  Watermelons, Melons,  Potatoes, Carrots etc.

Fast loading with forklifts



   The cooperative exports 80-85% of its produce to countries of Central and North Europe. The major importers and wholesalers of organic produce in Germany, The Netherlands, France and England do business with us.


Visitors from the Dutch Organic Firm “Eosta” being shown around the packaging unit by agriculturists of the Cooperative


image007  The Coop is applying a modern system of tracking of its produce, based on which the final consumer is able to know exactly the origin of the product.

Furthermore, quality control procedures in accordance with standards ISO 22000, BRC & Ifs are applied in the Coop, which is certified for their application.

Friends from Germany, importers and wholesalers of organic produce, being shown around the packaging unit of the Coop 

All producer-members of the Coop, besides being certified for the correct organic methods they apply, are also certified with the standard GLOBALGAP for the correct environmental management in their farms.